Anthony Quintano / Foter / CC BY

by Molly Piffath, Tyler Terry–

Twitter’s new live video sharing app, Periscope, is creating a buzz in the digital news world. The new app, available for smart phones, allows anyone with the app to broadcast footage from anywhere at anytime.

The idea of Periscope as a live streaming app was not the first of its kind, however. The Meerkat app, also a live streaming app, was established before Periscope and essentially gave Twitter the idea to create an app of their own. The difference between these two apps, however, is that at the peak of Meerkat’s hype, Twitter decided that Meerkat was no longer able to integrate its videos into Twitter. On top of this blow, Twitter introduced it’s own live streaming app that does, in fact, integrate with Twitter…Periscope.

According to a Business Insider article from April, 5, 2015, “Meerkat responded by adding new discovery features to its app to remedy the problem, but by then Twitter had officially launched Periscope, which quickly broke into the top 10 social networking apps in the App Store and became a trending topic on Twitter.”

Although Periscope has it’s bugs, the app is still fairly new and smart phones users will continue to hear more about this app.