Virginia Tech’s virtual reality room


Blacksburg, Va., The Cube: A spacious room filled with audio and visual equipment for research, class, and much more at Virginia Tech. Photo: Paige Lopynski

by Paige Lopynski–

In the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, an intimate space known as The Cube is highly adaptable and used for audio and visual performances, as well as research. As soon as you step into the space you are fully immersed into the environment and its main goal is to completely drop the fourth wall for the audience, or the imaginary wall at the front of the stage disconnecting the performance from the audience.

The space is four stories high and in the shape of  a cube. The sound system creates deafening 360-degree audio with 124 standard JBL speakers, four subwoofers, and nine additional speakers that project hyper-targeted sound. Along with the many speakers, the room has 24 cameras. Several media engineers have tested sounds in this environment such as the sound of being caught in a tornado.

Virginia Tech uses the Cube as a collaborative performance space for research as well as classes such as L2ork for recitals. Whether you are in medicine, arts, or engineering, the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology at Virginia Tech want to see all disciplines using the space.

The Cube challenges the audiences perception of what audio and visual art really is. Instead of just passively watching something, it allows the audience to fully be a part of the art.

Over the next year, the Cube will be equipped with one of the most unusual data exploration environments in the world.