Vinyl resurrected


Blacksburg, Va., April 7 – Vinyl Comeback: Billboard reported a 52 percent increase in vinyl sales from 2013 to 2014.

Although vinyl may be a product of the past, millennials interest in the lost art has caused an increase in sales over the last few years.

In a Billboard article, Keith Caulfield, the associate director of charts, reported that vinyl sales increased 52 percent from 2013 to 2014.

While those numbers are impressive, when compared to music revenue as a whole, vinyl does not make up a great percentage of those sales.

In fact, a Nielson report summarized that vinyl only made up over six percent of physical music sales last year.

This trend has many people, both young and old, perplexed and wondering what exactly draws the younger generation to vinyl, especially in a time when digital audio files and streaming services seem more practical and more widely available.

In an article about the vinyl comeback on Pitchfork, Joel Oliphint wrote, “The cycle seems to have gone something like this: Twenty years ago, diehard vinyl fans were still buying LPs and saying, “The kids don’t get it.” Then, about five years ago, the younger generation started buying vinyl, and their parents were flummoxed. Now, millennials and boomers are all together in the same stores buying LPs.”

It seems as though vinyl’s unique characteristics, such as the quality of sound, the durability, the nostalgia and even the cover art, appeal to the younger generations.

Although Forbes predicts the trend will continue, people doubt it will ever surpass digital sales in today’s technological world.