LIFE/STYLE: Lifestyle changes and challenges facing new college grads

by Kim Koditek, Pierce Sprague, & CJ Fiala

ralph and jenny / Source / CC BY-NC-ND

byCJ Fiala, Kim Koditek, Pierce Sprague–

Blacksburg, Va.–Graduation. That’s one word that all college seniors dread hearing and try to avoid talking about. Transitioning from college to the real world is a major milestone in anyone’s life, and it comes with many different challenges.

In addition to the most obvious concerns and questions for graduates, such as finding a job, starting a career or choosing to continue their higher education, there are also many other factors that graduates need to begin thinking about.

In an article by Quintessential Careers, the transition from college to the real world is broken down into eight critical issues: finding one’s passion, deciding between a job and graduate school, deciding where to live, deciding to stay close or move away from home, planning out a budget, determining financial goals, figuring out insurance issues, and finally, learning how to deal with success and failure in the real world.

In this week’s Life & Style podcast, News Feed reporters CJ, Kim, and Pierce discuss many of these issues and more, as they focus on the major lifestyle changes facing recent college graduates.