Cadets forced to live three to a dorm

by Rachel Thompson –

Main Eggleston Cadet Dorm

Blacksburg, Va., Sept. 18–Crowded Dorm: Due to the delayed completion of Pearson Hall, Virginia Tech cadets are living three to a dorm in a room meant for two. Photo: Rachel Thompson

Blacksburg, Va. — When the Barton Malow Company contractors tore down Brodie Hall in June 2015, Housing and Residence Life believed that Pearson Hall would be completed and ready for the Corps of Cadets move-in week in August. As the summer progressed, however, it became clear that the building would not be ready in time.

As students who are guaranteed on-campus housing, the cadets received an email in late July. The email explained that Pearson Hall would not be finished, and to make up for the absence of Brodie Hall, cadets would be living with two other roommates.

The news received mixed reactions. Some cadets looked forward to having another roommate to bond with. Others were disappointed and dreaded having even less space to utilize in the already tiny dorms.

The living situations are tricky. Traditionally, upperclassmen cadets live with others in their company and freshmen live only with other freshmen. Some upperclassmen are even living four to a room in what used to be dorm study lounges. According to the VTCC Guidon, in 2012 the Corps became the biggest it’s ever been since 1968, and its numbers are rising; the cadets need space.

Housing and Residence Life did not respond to a request for comment. The real reason as to why Pearson Hall was delayed is still a mystery. Though it is scheduled to be finished sometime in October or November, sophomore cadet Isaac Clizbe believes his battalion won’t move in until after Winter Break.

Hear from Clizbe, an Army cadet in Delta company, and Daniel Tsai, a junior VPI cadet in Echo company, about their living situations in the following audio report.

Junior Daniel Tsai

Junior Daniel Tsai

Sophomore Isaac Clizbe

Sophomore Isaac Clizbe