SCI/TECH: Technology’s affect on face-to-face communication

by Emily Halstead, Gillian Hurtt, Trey Edmunds–

byronv2 / Foter / CC BY-NC

In this podcast we discuss how the advances in technology and social media have affected personal relationships and individuals’ abilities to communicate face-to-face. We touch on how dependent the recent generation is on cell phones and social media, and how you can walk down the street at any given time of the day and see hundreds of people paying more attention to their tiny screens than where they are walking.

We give you our points of view on this generational obsession with staying connected to others via social media instead of face-to-face, and we discuss how this “epidemic” has resulted in people missing out on everyday life. 

Lastly, we take a few minutes to discuss how the future of technology and social media is unknown, but it is very likely that with more advances in these fields, the generations to come will also have a greater dependence on social media and electronics to communicate. We close by discussing how this dependence on technology will affect the current generation in years to come when they are adults.