Why Millennials feel the Bern

Photo- thenation.com

Photo- thenation.com

by Patrick Kemp–

Despite the sensationalism surrounding Donald Trump and other GOP candidates, there is one candidate who is commanding the attention of young people in America aged 18-29, otherwise known as ‘Millennials’.

Bernie Sanders, a septuagenarian Democratic Socialist is inspiring political activism in a demographic which has historically been known for their lack of participation in the political process. He has garnered millions of YouTube views and inspired countless Internet memes such as #babesforbernie and most famously ‘Feel the Bern’, now officially being used as a slogan by his campaign.

At first glance it seems baffling how someone who was born 30 years prior to the Apollo 11 mission could resonate so deeply with a generation being raised with phones in their pockets that are 120 Million times faster than the computers used to put those human beings on the Moon. Yet the generational divide isn’t as significant as some might believe. A close look at Senator Sanders’ stance on the issues of today and it becomes obvious why he garners so much support from young voters.

Sanders’ progressive, left-wing stance on issues such as student loan debt, income inequality, civil rights and climate change are more than enough to secure the vote of many Millennials. Sanders, as a progressive has been fighting for civil rights and income equality since the 60s, and has an extremely consistent voting record from his time as a senator and prior, a rare sight in Washington today.

While not all may agree with Bernie Sanders’ views, he (as well as Donald Trump) is another example of what the people of America seem to truly want, not another run-of-the-mill politician, but someone authentic who can represent them, shake up the system and tackle the problems that have been bringing this country down for a long time. So whether or not you agree with Bernie Sanders views, it is no doubt refreshing to see young people taking ownership and fighting to make this country better. And who knows, come next November, we may all be feeling the Bern.