Cracking open Apple’s “Easter eggs”

by: Brittany Keup, Jenna Delaney, Chloe Spillane–

In the last week iPhone users have found a new bug in Apple’s most recent software, which turns a capable phone into an unstable device that is no longer usable.

The website 4Chan, claimed that if a user were to set their phones back to May 1970, then there would be a retro Apple logo theme on display. This hack was deemed an iOS “Easter egg” by the site.

The Apple devices that have been affected are the 64-bite Apple devices such as iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini 2 and newer versions of Apple products. This is a hoax that was not advertised by Apple Inc., but Apple has acknowledged that the bug exists saying that “upcoming software update will prevent this issue from affecting iOS devices.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time iPhone users have been tricked into ruining their phones by listening to claims from 4Chan.

In the meantime, Apple consumers are dealing with “dead” Apple devices because of setting back the date on their devices to a time when Apple products didn’t even exist.