Unusual natural remedies to prevent colds


Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 14 – Trial & Error: I actually decided I would try the cumin drink for myself. Photo: Joudi Assaf

by Joudi Assaf–

Natural remedies seem to be the new way to go in recent years, some of the remedies seem to be a little stranger than normal but are working wonders.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center herbal medicine or natural remedies, “refers to using a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes.”

Virginia Tech students as well as residents of Blacksburg seem to be also following this trend and have a few strange ones that they wanted to share.

“My mom actual gave me a special remedy before I left for college, she said it would keep me healthy and it would actually help me lessen the chances of getting sick,” Said Megan Burpo, a public relations student at Virginia Tech.

“You take like a spoonful of cumin, and then you add some boiled water to it. It can be a small cup, believe me you’ll want it to be a very small cup, and you just drink it,” said Burpo. “If I notice kids getting sick around me, I literally drink it like twice a day for a few days and surprisingly it helps me not get sick.”

Burpo also mention that other than cumin you can do ginger and make a tea out of the root itself or if you don’t have the root ginger powder works as well. This not only helps to strengthen your immune system but also helps prevent heart disease.

Another interesting preventive measure that Jamie Liu, a Virginia Tech student, said helped her was Tahini spread.

“My parents are originally Korean so we have a few weird natural remedies that we try and take but one that I personally do is the taking a little spoon of Tahini for my throat,” said Liu. “I’m like easily prone to getting colds, and usually my coughs can last for like weeks so taking tahini helps me rid myself of a sore throat pretty quickly.”

However, Liu did mention that this natural remedy maybe a little hard to do the first few times because the taste is a little hard to handle as well as a bit disgusting.

“I suck at trying to take care of my body, but when it gets close to sick season I try my hardest to step up my game a little,” said Chris Kovatch a Blacksburg resident. “Something that I found to work well with me is eating onions, I prefer red onions but white ones work well. I guess it helps my immune system, but either way I find myself not getting affected like the rest of my coworkers.”

Even though eating onions may not be as appealing as it sounds, the health benefits exceed the strangeness to the idea. Kovatch even suggested that individuals should add the onions to a salad to help them get used to the taste if they aren’t so knee on eating it completely alone.

These are only a few natural remedies that students and residents were using, you can find out about other natural remedies here, or you can even ask your peers to see what they may be doing.