Review: “Deadpool” is gloriously, unapologetically crass

“Deadpool’s” second red band trailer gives fans a taste of the R-rated superhero action they’ve wanted for so long. From 20th Century Fox’s YouTube page.

by Payton Knobeloch–

When Twentieth Century Fox released “Fantastic 4” last summer, the film was many things: chiefly, it was a boring, uninspired mess plagued with production issues, but it also failed to appeal to its original comic book demographic. It spent so much time apologizing for the characters’ history that it failed on numerous other levels.

There’s no telling what happened at the studio between then and now, because their next release, “Deadpool,” is the antithesis of everything that bogged down Fox’s last superhero outing.

“Deadpool” does everything in its power to get the Marvel Comics character right in his solo adaptation (or to fix him, if you remember “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”). Every beat from the comics is there: the violence, crude humor, the fourth wall breaks, the suit, you name it.

The embrace of an R-rating may turn some genre fans off, but others will appreciate director Tim Miller pushing the character to the fullest potential. At no point does “Deadpool” apologize for itself, nor does it feel the need to hold its audience’s hand. For its sheer number of dumb jokes, “Deadpool” is a smart film.

Not enough can be said about Ryan Reynolds’ performance. It’s the role he’s been dreaming of playing for years, and his efforts in both getting the movie greenlit and starring show that. He’s funny, charismatic and isn’t afraid to dance the line between charming and off-putting.

For as many boundaries as “Deadpool” pushes, it feels small at the end of the day. The small cast (including just one other well-known “X-Men” character), number of locales and number of action scenes put the film’s small budget at the forefront. Plus, the fact that it is a simple origin story makes the movie feel all the less subversive.

All that doesn’t matter at the end of the experience. “Deadpool” is still a fun, entertaining outing that feels like an oasis in a desert of cookie cutter superhero movies.