SCI/TECH: Blacksburg’s Top Apps

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There are so many apps available to everyone with just a push of a button, but what apps are usefully as a resident in the Blacksburg community?

With so many apps so handy anyone who has a smartphone has apps that help make their daily routines easier but as a Blacksburg resident there are a few free apps that are a must download.

There are a few must-haves apps for Blacksburg:

Mywaste app is an app designed for managing household waste with a detailed collection calendar, disposal instructions for specific waste, and reminders of cancelled collections due to weather or holidays. Blacksburg’s weather is very drastic throughout the year and this can help when it comes to those random snow days on trash day for your neighborhood.

iHokie is a must have app for any Virginia Tech student. iHokie is the one push for students for everything Virginia Tech such as bus schedules, where to park, sports feed update, and dining hall hours. It also keeps you updated on local news for Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community.

Hooked is great for lunch time when you need a deal. This app is uploaded every 30 minutes and gives you coupons to various different local restaurants and chain restaurants. The deals last from one hour to three hours. This app is only located in various cities around the country and Blacksburg is one of them, so it is really easy to get “hooked”.

Make your life easier today as a Blacksburg resident and get your free apps today located in the app store on your smartphone.