VT winter storm preparedness strategies

by Rhiannon Miller–


Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 16- Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, Va. According to U.S. Climate Data, Virginia Tech’s annual snowfall averages 27 inches. Photo: Rhiannon Miller

Virginia Tech and the surrounding community of Blacksburg, Va., has witnessed its fair share of diverse weather.  Recently, snowfall, ice and rain have hit the New River Valley with tremendous force.

Throughout the months of Dec., Jan. and Feb., Virginia Tech students and Blacksburg residents have experienced over a foot-and-a-half of ice and snow, along with several inches of rain.  This bleak, dreary and unpredictable winter weather has resulted in temperatures ranging from a icy-feeling of three degrees to a casual, warmth of 60 degrees.  Nonetheless, the weather affecting the community surrounding Blacksburg and the university has not destroyed or troubled the population that lives within the 2,600 acre, main campus of Virginia Tech or the 20-mile stretch that is the town of Blacksburg.

“I’ve lived in Blacksburg my entire life.  I greatly appreciate the efforts and amount of work that the university and town put into making the students and those who live here feel safe in the inclement weather,” said Blacksburg native and Virginia Tech senior Ian Linkous.

The cleanup, removal and operation that takes place within the town and university boundaries can be asserted to the staff and crew members of Virginia Tech’s Office of Emergency Management.  In efforts to keep Tech students and locals safe during unsafe weather conditions, emergency management crew members and personal take ultimate precautions and illicit awareness in order to protect those closest to us and the university as a whole.

According to U.S. Climate data, Blacksburg averages over 27 inches of precipitation and snowfall annually.  Emergency management personal make sure that all necessary steps are taken throughout the process that severe weather takes.  According to their website, the Office of Emergency Management takes precautionary measures before, after and during the course of a winter storm.

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Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 21-Virginia Tech: Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech’s Instagram account.  Crew members of the Emergency Management team work hard in their cleanup and removal of winter weather features.

These measures instruct audiences to take proper precautions regarding non-perishable food preparation, clothing and treatment of weather-related illnesses.

As a result, students and residents can use these overviews in order to prepare for and maintain awareness of a storm’s progression.  The overviews also highlight explicit tactics individuals may consult in order to remain safe both indoors and out.

Virginia Tech revolves around its motto, Ut Prosim, “That I May Serve”.  This motto, along with Tech’s core values imbedded in the War Memorial Pylon structure, stands as the cornerstone for how Hokies and those alike behave and maintain themselves on a regular basis.  The Office of Emergency Management upholds these virtues and values, as well as, continuing the prospect of community and Ut Prosim throughout the Tech and Blacksburg atmosphere.

Additional information on severe weather precautions and the precautionary measures taken by the Office of Emergency Management can be found at http://www.emergency.vt.edu/guides/weather/winter-storm.html.

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