Virginia Tech dining: Fun but not always flexible

by Michelle McKelvey–



Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 25- An Inside Look: Dining services offers online menus for students to gain nutritional information on campus meals.

Virginia Tech holds a reputable accolade as home to some of the best college dining in the country. According to the Business Insider, “No school has taken campus dining more seriously than Virginia Tech. The University is regularly near the top of the Princeton Review’s “best campus food list”.

Although it seems like there would be something for everyone in Virginia Tech’s dining halls, some students still struggle with what they should and could eat on a daily basis. With twenty-two different campus eateries and a wide assortment of choices, how could there possibly be a struggle? For some students, the food decision is rather easy. He or she can make a spur of the moment decision to head to the dining hall that has the food they’re craving. For others, dietary restrictions pose a massive dilemma for mealtime.

An individual with a dietary restriction may react poorly to gluten and abide by a gluten-free diet or may be against meats and stick to a strict vegetarian diet or vegan diet. Lily Hummer, a senior at Virginia Tech, faces multiple barriers when it comes to making food decisions. “When I go to dining halls, I don’t see many options that are suitable for me. The best options are usually the ‘make your own’ style, [which are available], in Owen’s or Hokie Grill.”

Lily says she had to change to a vegan diet at the beginning of her senior year because of allergies to dairy and poultry. She says that Virginia Tech isn’t the most accommodating for this type of diet as dairy and poultry are found in so many things. “If dining halls were my only source of food, they wouldn’t provide nearly enough to sustain me!” Hummer says.

Listen below to hear from Maggie Nemecz, another Virginia Tech student who finds it difficult to stick to her gluten-free diet while eating on campus.



Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 25- Maggie Nemecz: A Gluten-Free Senior at Virginia Tech. Photo: Michelle McKelvey