Creating a path to success


Athens, Ohio, March 19  – Pregame Practice: Seniors Hannah Young (left) and Taijah Campbell (right) take the court for one last pregame practice. Photo: Morgan Conklin

by Morgan Conklin–

Postseason; one word that eluded the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team for years. Since 2007 the Hokies have failed to make the postseason each year, but this year was different. After going 12-1 in non-conference, which marked the second best start in program history, the women finished the regular season 17-2 followed by a trip to the ACC tournament and the WNIT tournament.

“The goal was to make it to postseason. Each season we got closer and closer and have never lost sight of that being the goal so to actually reach that goal our senior year is gratifying because we have worked so hard those four years,” said senior forward Taijah Campbell.

With players coming and going each year, the team focused on rebuilding with the overall goal of making it to the postseason. A key part of finding that success was getting the players all on the same page, from senior leaders to younger inexperienced girls.

“It’s always nice to have teammates who push and want to win, really that is what it is all about is wanting to win. I think everyone does want to win. That was the main focus and we haven’t really had a winning seasons, but this year we have and it is really good we are all on the same page,” said senior forward Hannah Young.

While it wouldn’t be considered a successful season for some programs, this year has been a big stepping stone for the future of Virginia Tech women’s basketball and one that the younger girls will be able to build off of.