POLITICS: Birdies, Backlash – 2016 election update

Trump Rally at Radford

Radford, Va., Feb. 29 – NRV VISITOR: Republican frontrunner Donald Trump speaks at his campaign rally at Radford University. Photo: Catie Carreras


by Catie Carreras, Kenedy McGrath–

The 2016 Presidential Election campaigns have been underway this year with frontrunners Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders representing the Democratic party and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich leading the Republican Party. According to pollsTrump is leading the Republican party with 42.1 percent, with Cruz following at 31.7 percent. For the Democratic party, Clinton is leading at 51 percent, with Sanders trailing behind at 42.4 percent.

With the advances in social media in the current generation, political campaigns take a dramatic turn for each candidate after every speech, rally and debate. Recently, memes of Sanders depicted as a bird after one landed on his podium at a rally have been popular on Twitter, and Trump has faced criticism after voicing his harsh opinion on abortion rights.

With the ongoing primary schedule, it’s hard to say who the next trending hashtag on social media sites will be about.