SPORTS: Yoga for athletes

Photo credit: istolethetv via / CC BY


by Joudi Assaf, Trevor Scott–

Yoga is a physical and spiritual exercise that helps an individual create a union between mind and body.

Of course many may simply see yoga as a meditation, or some sort of pass time, but it’s time to start looking at the much bigger picture, especially for our athletes. With all of the extensive training and stress that athletes place on their muscles it’s about time they start taking care of themselves more.

According to the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health, “When balancing poses are mastered the athlete is then conditioned to unconsciously recover from any imbalances their body may experience, staying centered in action, moment by moment during play.”

Yoga helps athletes increasing their oxygen intake and aids them in maximizing their endurance. It also helps them increase their joint and muscular flexibility, balance, prevention of injuries as well as rehabilitation, and it also helps with mental improvements on and off the field.

Of course not every yoga pose is good for all athletes, so athletes should look into sport-specific poses to aid them in reaching the best results. Or even get in touch with a yoga instructor for more information.