Paths for postgraduates

by Michelle McKelvey–


Blacksburg, Va., March 25- Gowns: Virginia Tech’s graduation gowns are embellished with a symbol that represents the school motto: “That I May Serve.” Whichever path students choose to take after graduation, this motto continues to live within them. Photo: Michelle McKelvey

For the majority of students’ lives, there has always been a ‘next step’.  After middle school, came high school. After high school, came the decision of where to go to college. However, after college, the decisions become a little more intense. Students have an abundance of options after college and plenty of different paths available to take. For instance, some students may choose to attend graduate school whereas others may find a job opportunity that they can’t seem to pass down.

Virginia Tech senior, Erin Miller, is set to graduate this coming May. Less than two months after graduation, she will be packing her things and moving a few states away to Hagerstown, Maryland to begin her career as a multimedia journalist with a local television station.

Miller says, “I definitely felt pressure to have a job ready for me when I graduate, especially because of my major [communications]. The job offer was really appealing to me but I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to find something else if I turned it down.”

According to 2014-2015 Virginia Tech Post Graduation Report, 51% of 2015 graduates were planning on attending graduate school whereas 41% of students were still seeking a job at the time of graduation.

Aside from graduate school and full-time employment, some students have the opportunity to take the road less traveled. Listen below to hear from Lucy Miller, a senior who plans on spending a few months abroad after graduation.