Launch of the iPhone SE

Photo credit: via / CC BY-SA

by Patrick Greenwood, Sam Jones, Kate Monick–

The iPhone SE launched March 21, 2016. It’s armed with new features, taking it technologically to the next level while resurfacing designs reminiscent of older iPhones.

The SE uses Apple’s A9 chip, which was introduced in the iPhone 6s and noted by Apple as “the most advanced chip in a smartphone“. A 12-megapixel camera introduces high-quality photography while the Live Photos feature opens a door to a new way of capturing moments. The SE additionally marks the first time Apple Pay is featured on a 4″ iPhone.

As for design, returning features on the 4-inch SE include flat edges (as opposed to round), making for easier handling of the device. The near-identical iPhone 5/5s design additionally opens doors new conveniences, such as recycling accessories or purchasing older accessories for cheap. Repairs and replacements are also speculated to be easier, with a strong circulation of parts from old devices. Click here for more information about the iPhone SE.