Unconventional welcome for students

by Joudi Assaf–


Blacksburg, Va., April 3 – Perspective: The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is beginning to prepare for their soon to be incoming freshman.

It’s that time of the year again when high school seniors are making their final decisions about where they will be attending school in the fall.

Being a senior in high school is already stressful but getting ready to move away from home and start a new life in a new and much bigger school probably doesn’t help the stress levels go down at all.

However, the students and faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences have managed to find a way to help a students feel a little bit more comfortable with the idea of college.

According to the CLAHS, the ambassadors program helps students grow as individuals, build leaderships skills, as well as providing them with over 3,000 volunteer hours for the college and the program. Hence, why when this calling project came into play the ambassadors we’re excited to jump on board.

“I originally heard about the college ambassadors doing this calling project through an ambassador I know,” Said Dylan Vogel, a Virginia Tech student. “I really liked the kind of projects these ambassadors do, and it made me want to get involved with them, so I applied to the program.”

The ambassadors of the CLAHS began working on a calling project that was originally created by the recruitment team run by Monica Kimbrell, director of student recruitment.

Kimbrell explained that how the project worked was a bunch of ambassadors sit in an office and begin calling students who plan on majoring in what the ambassador has majored in. That way the potential student can get the personal questions, and major extensive questions out of the way to help them settle their nerves.

The project has managed to create line of communication between Virginia Tech students and soon to be perspective Virginia Tech students, allowing for the Hokie nation to continuously grow.


Blacksburg, Va., April 5th – Interview: Samantha DiBiaso a public relations major at Virginia Tech.