ARTS/CULTURE: Summer movie season brings sequels, superheros

Photo credit: roeyahram via / CC BY-NC-ND


by Brittany Keup, Payton Knobeloch–

The summer blockbuster season opens in March and ends in August and this summer, the blockbuster consists of multiple sequels and superhero movies.

DC Comics and Marvel have been producing a bunch of their class superhero storylines, including “Captain America: Civil War.” Another popular superhero franchise that is coming out with another chapter is “X-Men” with “X-Men Apocalypse” featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Evan Peters.

It seems as though Hollywood has somewhat lost their knack for new ideas by creating another installment to an original movies. From the 2014 breakout hit “Neighbors,” Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are back for “Neighbors 2,” which focuses on a sorority giving the couple next door a hard time and not allowing them to live their normal lives. After 13 years, Pixar has decided to create a sequel to “Finding Nemo” with “Finding Dory.”

This summer the theaters will be packed with all types of movies for any kind of movie-goer.