Hokies form better reality through “virtual reality”

Photo credit: Ryan Stavely via Foter.com / CC BY-SA


by Rhiannon Miller, Kate Monick, Chloe Spillane–

The upcoming 2016 Virginia Tech football season comes with many highly anticipated program changes. Though the biggest change, the retiring of long beloved Frank Beamer and the arrival of new head coach, Justin Fuente, is the topic of much discussion, lately there’s a new buzz about the Hokies in the college football world. After much discussion and $150,000 of funding from donors, the Virginia Tech football team has begun using virtual reality equipment in addition to their daily training.

The virtual reality (VR) equipment is used by few college football programs in the nation, and the arrival of the new technology on Virginia Tech’s campus quickly generated excitement. The VR equipment allows players to simulate multiple plays within minutes, complete with simulated crowd noise, all while standing still. After engaging with the VR, the videos can be stitched together by the next morning to allow players and coaches to analyze the footage in a quick turnaround. The new technology is crucial for quarterbacks and linebackers as it allows them to get more practice time in, and is coming at a particularly critical time as the Hokies face a completely new offensive coaching staff. Though an entire new offensive staff may cause speculation normally, the addition of this new technology is beginning to form some high expectations for the upcoming football season.