LIFE/STYLE: Blacksburg welcomes new restaurants, says goodbye to a legend


by Kyle Cooke, Lauren Pak–

The new school year is a cause for celebration for many students in Blacksburg, and even the locals too. Hokies are in new classes, new buildings and face all new challenges. But for a university that prides itself for their excellent on-campus dining, Virginia Tech proudly introduced their best “new” of the semester: food trucks.

Students have been excited to expand their culinary horizons with The Grillfield and The Periodic Table, the mobile food trucks that serve food all across the Virginia Tech campus. However, students aren’t the only ones celebrating new food options. Blacksburg locals and students alike have been able to enjoy sandwiches from McAlister’s Deli and smoothies from Tropical Smoothie, although the latter’s hepatitis A outbreak has deterred some potential customers. Soon, Blacksburg will welcome a new Starbucks and Zaxby’s.

Amidst all the openings, Mike’s Grill, a staple of Blacksburg, announced on their Facebook page that they have decided to close. The grill, which was located on North Main Street, closed after 40 years of service. The “Hokie Bucket List” will have to be updated, for eating as Mike’s was No. 44.