SCI/TECH: iOS 10 brings new features for iPhone users

A user holds his iPhone with iPhone apps that were individually downloaded. The option to delete default iPhone apps allows for additional phone storage and new applications.
Photo credit: Alvy via / CC BY


by Maggie Gough, Jess Ku, Lauren Pak–

Overall, iOS 10 brought design tweaks, including font additions and user interface changes. The lock screen was the first noticeable update, as users should press the home button to unlock instead of swiping.


The set of applications that all Apple users loathed, including “Stocks,” “Tips,” “Home,” among others, can now be removed after once being required on all devices.

iMessage saw the most change, with new laser writing and invisible ink features as well as responsive reactions to messages. Emojis have a new look overall, with many of the human emojis given a more mature, “realistic” look and additions, including more diverse families and athletic figures.

Users continue to grow accustomed with the updates and while people may love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. iOS 10 is still available for download and may be downloaded on devices as old as iPhone 5 and iPad 4.