Finding sisters in fellowship


Blacksburg, Va., Oct. 22 – Women’s Lock-In: Jiwon Shin reads thought-provoking and reflective questions to her small group members during dinner time.

by Lauren Pak–

For new freshmen or seasoned seniors, college is a vast landscape, rich with diverse opportunities: it’s no wonder why some start to feel lost. Some people have found themselves in fellowship: specifically, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (CCF).

The fellowship is part of a larger organization, “Servants Ministry,” which organizes Christian campus outreach at several state schools. It’s open to all grades and genders, with the dynamic among girls being especially strong.

“We always welcome students from other schools to our Servants Ministry retreats, conferences and other events,” the website reads.

Christina Park is one of two staff members for CCF this year. Her purpose is to serve members of the ministry by supporting its programs. She organized a women’s lock-in event at a local church to promote and grow sisterly relationships.

“We wanted this to be a safe opportunity for sisters to be intentional with one another, an opportunity to talk, an opportunity to listen and an opportunity to love,” Park said. “For us to be able to seek to be a community together, standing side by side, embracing one another’s brokenness.”

The lock-in was Oct. 22-23 at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. A stark contrast to typical Friday nights for many students, the girls of CCF came together to gather in praise songs, hear testimonies, share in small groups and play in activities.

Through events like the lock-in, the girls of CCF have been able to find Christ, a fellowship and new sisters in each other. Hear the goals for the event in the audio slideshow below.