Food banks: A necessity during the holidays


by Maria Dobbs–

Everyday there are people who don’t know where they will get their next meal. During the holidays, food banks set up initiatives to collect food for people to enjoy during this time of year.

According to Suntopia there are 42 food pantries in the Blacksburg area. The numerous food pantries are especially necessary in the area. According to The Roanoke Times Southwestern Virginia is the poorest and least diverse region in the state.

“Today, 48 million Americans struggle with food insecurity. That’s 1 in 7 people who do not always know where they will find their next meal,” said Britney Banks in an article on Feeding America.

According to The Giving Tree food pantry 24.5% of people in the Montgomery area live below the poverty line.

Food banks run on donations and are always needing new supplies. In a list on food banks need canned meats, vegetables and fruits. They also need box meals that only use water to prepare them, low-sugar cereals, and snacks for kids to name a few items.

Some tips that Foodlets also mentions is to be considerate to the fact that many people have diabetes so donating low-sugar food items are helpful.

Another tip is to consider is that students can receive free meals during the school week, but during the weekends, holidays and summer is when families need the most help.

Food banks are also beneficial in other ways. An article on the Feeding America website said,”From activating elected officials to protect programs to examining root causes of poverty, food banks create tailored, responsive programs for agencies, clients, volunteers and donors.”