SCI/TECH: Bluetooth takeover

by Kyle Cooke, Maria Dobbs, David Prince–

As frequently as we hear it at parties, tailgates and other social settings where music is a must, “pass me the aux” is hardly a literal suggestion anymore. Now, Bluetooth has taken over. The days of a physical auxiliary cord to connect phones to speakers are gradually coming to end, as Bluetooth compatible speakers are much more user-friendly.

For one, users can walk around the room without having to leave their phone physically connected to the speaker. They can simply connect their phone through Bluetooth, a wireless technology that connects devices over short distances, and safely wander around the party or tailgate.

The automobile industry has also made cars Bluetooth compatible. Instead of flipping through radio stations or plugging devices into their speaker system, drivers can now connect their phones through Bluetooth, play their music or podcasts, and leave their phone alone.

Headphones, too, have becoming accommodating to new Bluetooth technology, specifically the soon-to-be-released Apple AirPods.

Bluetooth extends beyond music, though. It’s now allowing users to get into the holiday spirit with Bluetooth Christmas lights.