ARTS/CULTURE: Decrease in funding the arts

Photo credit: *SARCASTICALIOUS* via / CC BY

by Stephen Dixon, Kate Carter, Sara Joy-Hogg–

Donald Trump has caused a lot of controversy over the last year during his candidacy campaign and subsequent presidency. Since taking office, he has passed several executive orders that have struck fear in the hearts of many Americans as some of their rights and privileges may be taken away.

Trump says his goal is to decrease government spending with many of these orders. One way he aims to save money is by cutting the federal funding for art programs in schools and public broadcast shows like PBS.

But the slashing of funds will only slightly affect the federal deficit and would greatly affect those employed in the arts or at networks like PBS.

The government spends approximately $3.9 trillion a year, and only $593 million of that is spent on the arts and public broadcasting. That’s only 0.013 percent of the total spent every year.

Comparatively, the arts employ about 3 million people a year and PBS employs another 6,000. Reducing funding would mean increasing unemployment among these millions of people.