POLITICS: An era of satires

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

by Tyler Britt, Caitlyn Murray, Becca Tedesco–

In light of the recent election of president Donald Trump, things in the media have really been heating up. One live TV comedy show; Saturday Night Live has really used this election to produce some extremely accurate skits. In the wake of Sean Spicer’s “alternative facts” speech, Saturday Night Live produced a skit where Melissa McCarthy mimicked the Press Secretary.

This was just one of many skits that SNL has produced about the recent election. They have also produced various skits where Alec Baldwin portrays Trump. The mockery of the skits comes as funny to many but also disrespectful and unamusing to others. SNL is trying to figure out the current state of America, just like the rest of us, but that gives them no right to poke fun at it. It’s a crucial period in America, and although what SNL is displaying is true, they make it seem like politics is a huge joke, when in reality it’s not.

Spicer and Trump both responded to the skit, with Trump being “really bothered” by it. This political engagement by SNL isn’t unusual, but it may have to come to a halt before Trump tries to take matters into his own hands.