POLITICS: Chemical warfare in Syria

by Sophia Okorn, McKenzie Pavacich, Zack Wajsgras–
This week’s podcast touches on the controversial chemical attacks in Syria and their impact on current world affairs. The chemical airstrikes are assumed to have been launched by Syrian president Bassar Al-Assad, and were characteristic of a blatant war crime. With all eyes on major global players, the United States stands at center stage, with the eyes of the world waiting for the next move. The United States is expected to remain neutral, as President Trump has expressed his isolationist values, but the global community is expected to act on this attack on civilians in some way. Many have considered that it would be irresponsible for the United States to ignore what is happening in Syria without considering serious military action to put a stop to the brutal civil war that has been raging in the country for almost six years now. The question is, what is the right way to intervene for the United States that would end the most suffering with the least amount of damage?